Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vesper (Almost) Knee Socks!

Yay! A finished object. I can't even remember how long ago I started these socks it's been so long. I had to refer back to blog archives just to get an estimate.

I don't know why I thought I would have enough yarn to get all the way to my knee. I think logically, I knew, but some glimmer of hope (aka denial) kept pushing me along. With the help of
Veronique's advice to count stipes and my trusty office postal scale, I was able to determine when to stop on sock one and cast on for sock two. Even with this assistance, I was still worried as I neared the end. I actually had to splice yarn scraps from my cast on tail to have enough yarn for binding off! There were some ugly moments. I made it, though!
Pattern: A mix of
Wendy's Toe Up Socks, Diana's Knee Highs, and trial and error.
Yarn: Vesper Sock Yarn in Midnight Knitter
Yardage: 440 yards - ALL of it
Started: about May 13th
Completed: August 11
Notes: I'm 90% pleased with these socks. Next time I make knee socks, I'll... 1) have enough yarn, 2) start calf increases only a few inches above the ankle. Aside from those couple learning mistakes, I love the socks. The yarn is wicked soft and the colors are fantastic.
Look how much Miles likes them!


I've also been working on my other WIPs. I frogged Birch (it really had to be done) and started Birch v. 2. Here's the first repeat:

I'm only just started but am already much more confident about the finished product (which my mom will hopefully have soon). Seeing those little leaves form keeps me wanting more!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bad Blogger

I can't believe it's been nearly two months since my last post. I'd like to say I've been so busy knitting and haven't had time, but there hasn't been all that much knitting, either. Life just got ahead of me. First I moved from Boston to Connecticut, which of course involves a new job, packing, moving, etc. Then I went to the Cape for a week, and then we got this little guy! His name is Miles and he is a 12-week old lab. He has not only stolen my heart, but my knitting time as well! Oh and cats are not the only animal to like yarn, by the way.

There has been some knitting action, most of it in the past couple weeks. A quick update:

Vesper Midnight Knitter Knee Socks

These babies are so close to being finished, I can taste it. Unfortunately, so is my ball of yarn, so I'm getting a little nervous. I didn't bind off the first sock, just kept it on some waste yarn, so I have a backup plan.


My first attempt using KSH and I'm finally used to it. I'm still not to the point of addiction like many knitters and knitting with it still takes me so much longer than regular yarn, but I'm taking it one step at a time. I think I'm going to have to frog, though, because my YOs are not all lined up. I'm not usually that motivated, but this is a gift for my mom and she deserves only the best. I found a chart and some helpful hints at, so I'm feeling pretty positive about Birch v. 2.

Prairie Tunic
We started off so good together, but I, um...forgot to read the note. Ooops. This means I have to rip back some rows and start over. I was so disgusted with myself, I couldn't look at it anymore. This was a month and a half ago. I only picked it up again today. And now I have to completely reacquaint myself with the project, which is good and bad. I have to relearn the pattern, but it feels like a new project.

Rock 'n Weave STR Sock Club Socks
I'm still working on the first cuff. Linen stitch sure is pretty, though.

I see so many bloggers work on muliple projects at once and I have no idea how you all do it. I feel so torn between my projects, but more importantly I lose my place in the pattern and forget what I'm doing. With Prairie Tunic, I had that pattern DOWN! Now, I can't even tell what row to knit next. More power to all you knitters who can juggle so many projects. I think I max out at 2, maybe 3 if I'm having a super smart day. I'm gonna knock a few WIPs off the list and get back to my comfort zone.