Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Story of a Dress

I picked up this dress pattern and a couple yards of Amy Bulter fabric last summer with grandiose plans (I'm quite adept at making the plans, it's the execution where I struggle) of making a dress for a wedding over Labor Day weekend. When the dress didn't materialize for the wedding, I shifted goals and decided it would be my "cruise dress" for mid-September.

Fast forward to this Spring. Pattern and fabric continue to collect dust. I'm torn between making the dress and only getting to wear for a few months (weeks?) before baby belly balloons and not making the dress and not getting to wear it until next year.

I decide to press on and I finish dress before I'm even showing and now, at 24 weeks pregnant, it still fits perfectly. Many guess it's a maternity dress, of which I'm not sure if I should take offense. I decide to take as compliment.

The stats:
Pattern: Built by Wendy Dress, Style 3835
Fabric: Amy Butler, Lotus Collection, 2+ Yards
Time to Make: 2 evenings
Favorite Part of Dress: Pockets! All dresses should have them!
This being my first sewn garment in quite a while, I forgot how much quicker sewing is than knitting. From cutting the pattern pieces and fabric to sewing the final hem, this dress only took two work nights to complete. The pattern is intuitive and easy to follow, with plenty of opportunity for creative alterations. I stuck to the pattern as written for the most part, but cut for a larger size on the bottom to accommodate my er, pear shape. It worked out well and left some room for my expanding baby belly.
This dress has been finished for a few months and has already seen a lot of wear - usually once a week to work (hey, my maternity wardrobe is still pretty meager), a bridal shower, and some other more dress up occasions.
It's a winner!
Pretty neckline gathers
Oh, and thanks everyone for your comments on my last post! The quilt progresses and will make an appearance soon!