Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Break from the Rain

I think I forgot what the sun looks like. It's been raining here in Boston for days. And days. And days. I feel like we're being punished because we only had four months of winter instead of our usual 6. What's worse is that the rain is nowhere near stopping. You'll imagine my wonder when around 7 tonight light started shining into my apartment. Was it the street lights? No. It was my old friend, the sun!! After my eyes snapped out of their shock, I snagged a chance to snap a few shots of the back of Bobble Blue, which has been waiting patiently for a photo opportunity.

Please excuse the wrinkly appearance, it's been hibernating in my knitting bag the past week while I work on the left front. This little sweater is coming along after a brief lull. As much fun as the cables are, I have a serious mental block with the bobbles... and adding the second line of cabling. I keep forgetting all about it, even with the chart a foot away. I've ripped this quite a few times. That's the other news. I've finally lost my fear of frogging. I would normally tink back row after row because I was convinced I would drop stitches frogging and have to rip out the entire sweater. I think I'm good, though. Baby steps, right?

So far I have finished the back, one sleeve and am almost finished with the left front. I'm hoping the rest flies by. And to think I was hoping this would be ready for Easter. I'll be lucky if I make Memorial Day. And we all know Memorial Day is about alpaca sweaters and sweating.

Now that my jaywalkers (aka T knitting) are complete, I started a fresh project. Plain ole' toe up socks in (drumroll) Vesper sock yarn(!!!). When I first bought this stuff, I thought of my parents lining up for hours to score me a Cabbage Patch Kid way back in the 80s. It's cut throat getting your hands on this stuff! I was starting to worry I would have to give up my first born just to hold a skein of this stuff. I was maniacal hitting that refresh button and even...stayed late at work because I wouldn't get home in time for the sale. Was it worth it? You bet. These socks make my feet drool. And the colors! I want to make them into knee highs... I'm thinking I can add matching blue yarn for the ribbing and it might work? yeah? Maybe?


caitlyn said...

Hey Kelly,
I really like both Bobble Blue and the Vesper Socks! Glad to hear that you lost your fear of frogging. =)

lobstah said...

Whoa! You've been busy! Bobble blue looks amazing.

OK, I guess I will have to admit to being an un-hip knitter as I have never heard of Vesper yarn?? Hmm...off to Google.

Hope you are staying mostly dry :)

Veronique said...

I made knee highs from Vesper. When I wound the hank into a center pull ball, I counted how many repeats there were total. I made sure to use up only half of the repeats for the 1st (toe up) sock, and it went pretty far!
Bobble Blue looks lovely.

Stacey said...

I so know how you feel - the sun came out last night and I felt like I must be dreaming!!!

Bobble looks great - can't wait to see it done!

I have been as yet unsuccessful in getting some vesper - I do looove those colors though! I think a blue ribbing would look good!

Adriana said...

I've recently picked up the copy of Interweave knits that features your Bobble Blue cardigan. Looking really good!

Elizabeth said...

Bobble Blue looks great - can't wait to see the FO! Hopefully your weather has cleared up by now, too.

joy said...

The bobbles and cables look fantastic, as does the stripe sock yarn!

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