Sunday, September 10, 2006

Birch Progress & Some Sewing

WEEKENDER BAG With all the knitting and summer laziness, I've let Amy Butler's Weekender Bag pattern collect dust since I bought it back in February. Sad, huh? I guess you can say I have issues. I've been sewing forever, long before I ever started knitting, but I NEVER use patterns. I've never found patterns to match the idea in my head, so I've always just used the trial and error method. It's always worked out for me. Now that I'm trying out a pattern, it's not the sewing that's bringing me down but the pattern itself. I feel like I have to learn a new language. All that said, after seeing this pattern I have to at least try. So I went out and bought some materials (can I just say I spend an hour at Joann's yesterday?):

-2 yards, Amy Butler's Sunbloom Lotus fabric in Parsley purchased from Reprodepot for exterior and hopefully handles and piping (I thought I could find a perfect match for a coordinating fabric, but these colors are impossible! I ordered a half yard extra, so I'm hoping that's enough)

- 2 yards, heavyweight cotton (with hideous eyelet to be discarded) for lining

- 4 yards Peltex. The pattern calls for heavyweight interfacing (which the saleswoman in Joann's said was Peltex) and Timtex (which many replace with Peltex). There was no interfacing nearly as thick as the Peltex, so I opted to use Peltex for everything. Cross your fingers I don't kill my sewing machine.

-5 yards cotton cording

- A 30" zipper. I had one choice. I think it's close enough.

- A couple spools of thread.

Wish me luck!

BIRCH I've been making some progress with Birch v. 2 and am halfway through the 5th repeat. Here's a picture. I'm all about class when it comes to project bags.

5 repeats doesn't sound like much, but I'm sure I'll just fly through it as the rows get shorter. Wishful thinking? Regardless of how much more I have to go, I WILL finish this before I see my mom next! I'm not sure when that will be, but I know I will see her on November 5th (the day I run the NYC Marathon!) I hope to see her before then, though. Anyway, I'm devoting about 80% of my knitting time to this project; it would be 100% but I refuse to touch Birch if my mind is not 100% clear. I have the pattern down, but still want to avoid any mistakes. Tinking back with KSH gives me anxiety.

That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Stacey said...

Hopefully you and the pattern will produce something wonderful! :)

Steph said...

You'll do fine on the Weekender, just be patient;-)
Peltex is different from heavy-weight sew-in interfacing (which is used to line the top zipper parts and side panels; it feels almost like a flannel sheet)
I had to go to a different/regular fabric shop in order to buy the h/w interfacing as JoAnn's had only Peltex and different types of iron-on interfacing. Just something to remember if the Peltex gives you grief on those parts. I love the fabric you chose!

Melissa said...

good luck with both projects. at least you took the time to purchase the stuff for the weekender, i never got past the pattern! oh well, someday.

Elizabeth said...

I lurve the Weekender Bag - would love to make one. That lotus blossom fabric is gorgeous, too. It'll turn out great - you'll see.

cookie said...

I have this inner desire to sew, but I agree with you about patterns not matching what's in the head. The weekender bag looks like it'll be very cute though!

Can't wait to see birch!

lobstah said...

Hey I forgot to answer your question ...the yarn I used for Trellis is the yarn I bought for Toledo. But after looking at that design I decided it probably wouldn't look that good on me, hence the change in use for the yarn!

vera said...

wow i love that amy butler fabric, that's going to make a great bag! can't wait to see it. i started birch myself but soon realised i just could not knit with KSH- sad. :0) x