Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Warming up the old machine

Before I could start any sewing on the weekender, I spent several days cutting fabric. I did not like it. With sewing you can rip, with cutting there's no pretty fix. I like a backup. I also was attacked by a rotary cutter! Look what it did to my foot! I know, rotary cutters attack in the strangest places!

I figured the old sewing machine could use a little sprucing up before embarking on the hard core sewing portion of the WB. I gave her a fine oil treatment - the first in probably five years - and scraped out some of the thread fiber buildup. So, she was good as new, but without a proper home. I've always sewn on either my kitchen table (which was never in the kitchen), the floor (up until I broke my machine at least) or on my dad's drafting table (currently sitting in my parents' basement. For the first time ever we have a kitchen big enough to house our table and I think it's gross sewing in the kitchen. I don't really even want to walk barefoot in there,our 70s linoleum floor just grosses me out. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do two things: 1) call home and request the beloved drafting table. Turns out my dad was looking to get rid of it, so it's a win-win situation for all. I won't get it until my parents' next trip up here, though. And 2) styled this crafty space in the craft room / cat's room / second bedroom.

Don't be jealous. And yes, that's a bucket of cat litter. I do have to share the room with her! Do you see the kitty pi (which was used oh, maybe twice? she much prefers the dog's bed)? That's my fabric scrap container now. See how resourceful I am?

With a proper area to sew, I started off with the cording. I'm using another Amy Butler pattern from the Belle collection for this part. It looks like olives and the yellow and brown match perfectly with the exterior. Score! I took Angela's advice and opted for the regular foot, instead of the prescribed zipper foot. It provides much better control with the tricky cording.

Tonight's agenda - WB fronts and a couple rows of Birch.


Veronique said...

Ooh! You're going to have a beautiful bag!
I always found sewing to be much more challenging for me. There's the fact that you can't rip, as you mentioned. And also the fact that you're sitting at a table, which seems entirely like work... It's back to the couch for my knitting for me! (Until I get the quilting bug that is... And I used the same Butler Belle print you did!).

lobstah said...

Holy moly, watch out for those rotary cutters! I totally sympathize with your lack of places to sew. Sounds like that should be resolved soon at least. I also laughed about your 70's linoleum revulsion! Our apt has disgusting 70's linoleum and FAKE marble walls in the bathroom that makes me wanna barf (you might remember it from when you visited). Plus the 70's fridge that is just awful...some days I just want to run away from here and find a nice new clean apartment!

vera said...

i am so looking forward to seeing that bag when it is done! love you sewing table ;0)
ouch! my mum hates seeing my with my rotary cutter- something about feeling it cutting her just by looking at it... :0) x

Melissa said...

tv tray tables make great portable work spaces too. that way you can still relax on the couch and have somewhere comfy for the machine.

i bought mine at IKEA for like $6!

elizagrrl said...

I love that you call the second bedroom the cat's room. My entire condo belongs to my cat and she likes us enough to let us stay.

I can't wait to see the progress on your weekender bag. I absolutely love mine, but it took forever to make.

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