Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Knitting

I have all sorts of spring projects swimming around my head. I'm a list maker and where better a place for a list than ze blog?

CHERRY by Anna Bell.

I've had the yarn for this cute little cardi since last summer (bought wicked cheap from Webs), but let it lie in favor of some fall projects. This is a definitely, most likely (how's that for definitive?) the next on the needles after hourglass (probably, maybe. ha!).

Something about htis pattern just calls to me. Maybe it's the simple lines appropriately paired with jeans or a printed skirt. It just rings with versatility and would work for both work and play, a requirement with my knits. Plus, I've never tried Blue Sky anything and the selection of cotton colors hits the spot. The question: Should I go with Pickle (a true green) or Pumpkin (a more mellow orange than the Poppy pictured)? And something about Tomato feels right, too. And Aloe's pretty, too....Thoughts? I'm the most indecisive person ever. It's tough because none of the LYS nearby carry this line and I've been burned by internet color speculation before.


This piece stuck out to me even from the teeny tiny thumbnails on the IW site. It seems I'm not the only one as it's popping up all over blogland. I think I'll pick up some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece as a cost-effective option with plenty of color selection (although I'll probably stick with the cocoa color or maybe a chartreuse).

ORANGINA by Stefanie Japel.

I must knit this. Last year I thought, "oh, that's last year's bandwagon, knit one of the newer patterns." Trouble is, I just can't shake this pattern. I'm thinking I'll make it in white or maybe a tomato color if I don't make the tomato Ribbed Tank. Or teal.

SIZZLE by Wendy Bernard.

A perfect way to sample some delicious yarn and yield a sexy tank! No clue about yarn selection, maybe bamboo or something lustery and nighttime-appropriate.


Stacey said...

I love cherry - do that one for sure...the fitted tank gets my vote in "pickle" just because they picked such a great name for the color... :)

pamela wynne said...

I was about to make almost the same list for myself! thanks for doing the work for me -- I'll just bookmark this post instead! :)

I hadn't thought of doing the dollar and a half in cotton fleece -- smart substitution.

Joy said...

Thanks for showing me more things I have to add to my list.

Like Dollar & A Half, which I LOVE, but am very afraid of...

And I second the vote to use "pickle."

Anonymous said...

I love cherry too - It would look so gorgeous with a cute skirt.

I made a version of orangina last year (but it was green and in a sportweight). I still love it...

caro said...

I wear Orangina more than any other thing I've knit. Love it! I also love the dollar and a half cardi, that's on my list to knit this summer.

Allyson said...

I also have yarn in stash for Cherry, just need to make the time. As for Blue Sky, I'm currently making the silk shrug and love love the alpaca silk. I was just fondling the cotton at my lys, and was drawn to Thistle even though I'm not a purple person normally!

lobstah said...

I like the "Pumpkin" color. I don't know why but oranges are attracting me lately...although I totally hear ya on the internet color selection thing.
I, too, have been eyeing Orangina forever. Everything I want to make this summer is in Rowan 4-ply cotton. I may get sick of it before long ;)

knittingphilistine said...

How did I miss this newest post?? I'll add another Yay! for pretty, pretty spring time knits!! Every one of these will make for a gorgeous good time!!

PS: Thanks again for my beautiful box bag!! :)

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