Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Beau: Finished


This has been finished for a few weeks and already sported in three states!

Pattern. Beau by Kim Hargreaves Source. Rowan Vintage Style
Yarn. 5 and them some balls Rowan Yorkshire Tweed in Husk from
Needles. Size 6 and 8 Addi Turbos
Buttons. Random ones from my mom's stash (I bought some, left them at home - I finished this at my parents' house)
Size. Small
Dates Knitted. November 12 to December 25 (talk about cutting it close!)

Mods. Nada. (well, I think the wrong sides of the front and back are now the right sides, but you couldn't tell, could you?)

This was a great pattern and I was flying through for a while on those big needles and thick yarn. I put it down for a few days and had a hard time picking it back up. It's not the most exciting project and guy sweaters are huge!

The sweater has a rustic flair and the tweediness and color of the yarn makes it resemble hemp. J compared it to the drug rug he wore in HS (don't judge! you know what I'm talking about!) J loves it, so success! He says it's warm and soft.

The yarn feels scratchy and rubbed my hands raw, but nothing a good wash and block couldn't tackle. The finished product has amazing drape and a soft, yet durable feel. A major yarn upgrade from J's last sweater knit in Lamb's Pride Worsted - that stuff's itc-hy. J didn't like the "little hairs" all over it. When I told him they were mohair, he wanted to know what the hell a mo was. Ha ha. He still tells that joke.

Photos courtesy of New England winter darkness.

And here's an action shot for you! This is Beau (and Patrick) on NYE in DC! Beau's first vacation -- awww!

The yarn is most like the color in this shot. I should have taken more photos in the hotel room!


Already thinking of my next project, I bought some yarn for some Endpaper Mitts and Anemoi Mittens. After going to no less than three stores that carried zero solid color fingering weight yarn (my LYS - by default because of proximity - didn't know which yarn was thickest--dk, sport and fingering -- this is also the yarn store that didn't know who Elizabeth Zimmerman was AND told me that they couldn't search for a color for me while I waited on the phone. Sigh, I miss Boston and its yarn stores aplenty), I ordered these gems (ha ha!) from kpixie.

I'm thinking I'll use the teal and grey (looks more like cream in this pic) for the mittens to achieve a cool, sophisticated look and the orange and cranberry for some fun, happy mitts. My hands are gonna be warm and stylish.