Thursday, January 18, 2007

100 Things (1-10) & Marble Arches

Thanks for all the nice comments about Beau! Again, I'm sorry I haven't email you all personally. I'm still not getting email addresses in my comments. Anyone know how to fix it? The change coincided with my move to the new blogger - could it be a change in the settings?
Anyway, we've got another FO in these parts...


Pattern. Marble Arches by Sandi for BMFA
Yarn. Pink Granite Medium Weight - special for Rockin' Sock Club
Size. Medium
Needles. Size 1, Addi Turbos
Started. 11/6/06 ish Finished. 1.17.07. I twisted the cast on of the first sock and then reknit the foot of the first sock, which added some time.
Mods. Knit a heel flap rather than short rows. I tried the short rows first, but when you could fit a finger through some of those holes, I ripped back (I made this decision *after* I completed the rest of the sock. For some reason the entire foot was too tight and just looked ugly. I probably would have sucked it up and dealt with the holes if not for the uncomfortable fit. How's that for lazy knitting? Here's the shiny, new heel.
I also changed up the toe by kitchenering a bit early and with more stitches. It just feels better on my feet like that. I could have made more mods that I don't know about - I ditched the instructions when I got to the heel flap.
Thoughts. This is a great pattern, one I plan to reuse for other socks. Even though I know the cables are fake and comprised of some ssk, k2tog and m1's, I'm still fooled. My mind spins at all the other knitting trickery that must be out there. Is there mock fair isle, too?
A close up of the "cabling."
I love how the pooling created nice, thick stripes. I think the areas with thinner stripes around the top of the ankle obscures the pattern. That means a lot coming from me because I think pooling ranks up there with bumpy seams and pilling alpaca. This is pooling I can live with.
If anything I would say my feet are on the large size with size 9 shoes, but for some reason both my properly-gauged blue moon medium socks are on the loose side (I love you, Blue Moon, for making me have "small" feet!). Nothing you can see, but I can feel it. Maybe I have thin feet or something. With Rock 'n Weave, I thought it was a fluke, but this confirms it. Next time, I'm going for size small. And I digress...
I don't know, though. These feet look pretty wide (and oddly flat) to me. (Ignore pasty winter skin).
Oh - one more thing. Ruffles = pretty cool. Ruffles on socks = Ingenious. All socks should have ruffles. Check 'em out up close:

Final Verdict. These socks rule. I'm wearing them right now and actually wore the first one with a different sock while making the second. Come on, I know I can't be alone with that one:)
With the socks off the needles, I only have the secret project going. One project on the needles must be some sort of record for me.
It's getting awfully chilly here in New England. We had our first flurry today, but not while I was home so Miles didn't get to play outside in his first snow. I'm sure they'll be more of that. I'm taking advantage of the cool temps to sport some handknits. Today I wore Electra. Aren't work-appropriate knits the best? Check me out.
Now that I'm home and the heat still hasn't kicked in, I'm wearing Nimbus (my warmest sweater ever. Oh, how I wish Rowan didn't discontinue Polar) on top of my work getup.
100 THINGS (1-10)
I've seen this all over the blogosphere and will be the first to admit I'm late to the party (I think the party might even be over). But, I don't care. I love reading about the knitter behind the knitting and feel like I should offer up something about me. I'm not deluded enough to suspect you're all wondering what else there is behind this knitter, but, well, I'm doing it anyway. Hopefully, I don't chase you away or even worse, bore the crap out of you. I'll pepper the post with pictures in hopes of keeping you entertained.

I know I get lost in a full list of 100, so I'm shamelessly copying
Julie at Fricknits and only dishing out 10 at a time. So, here we go. Numbers 1-10.

1. I've lived in 5 states in my 27 years--4 have been in the last 9 years. In chronological order leading up to most recent... New Jersey, Virginia, California, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Hopefully, I'll keep it to 5. Moving is a pain in the ass.

2. I sing a lot. Never any actual songs, just my own little ditties with content usually surrounding my animals - a recent song was "cone dog" back when
Miles *was* a cone dog. All songs follow the tune of an existing song, I just change the words. "Cone Dog" went with a blend of the "Dreidel Song" and "Jingle Bells." Ironically (and much to J's chagrin), I'm tone deaf.

3. Various people have taught me to knit, a skill I would promptly forget. My grandma taught me at least twice when I was growing up, my bff once about 5 years ago, a BIL's girlfriend, various books. I became obsessed with learning, but had some inexplicable block. Finally, it stuck with me in October '05.

4. My first needle art was crochet. Judge all you want! For years of my youth, I hooked along on a royal blue, black, and white (blech!) afghan. I still have it somewhere although I never officially finished. It is GIGANTIC, but I always wanted it bigger. I think blankets should be huge and cozy. Oh, and I used no other than Red Heart from Jamesway. (Is that store still around?) I got back into crochet in college and made a million Lion Brand boucle scarfs. I thought I was splurging on "good" yarn.

5. In college, I sewed many of my clothes, all of the hippie dress, backless shirt, corduroy with inserts type variety. I still have every piece of clothing (see number 6) and sometimes resurrect an item for old time's sake. Truth be told, I'd probably still wear more of it if I could get away with big corduroy pants, a patchwork top and a giant, ropelike hemp necklace. I don't see too many 27 year old professionals in that getup, though. Bummer. Here's a picture of my most favorite dress, made early in my sewing career (it was my third dress). Cat thrown in for cuteness.

6. I am a packrat. I save everything. I have movie ticket stubs from high school and so many lifted rocks from national parks, I can't remember where they're all from. Conversely, J saves nothing.

7. I studied English in college and was fascinated by medieval studies. My plan leaving college was to pursue a PhD in the subject and teach college. Now I work for an insurance company. There's a disconnect somewhere in that.

8. When I was born, my umbilical cord was wrapped around my head twice. I didn't cry right away and still have faint broken blood vessels on my cheeks.

9. I would rather watch a movie over and over again than one I have yet to see. Movies I've recycled tirelessly include Zoolander, Clueless, Beauty and the Beast, and The Breakfast Club. I have also seen every Sex and the City episode at least 10 times.

10. I drink a half a pot of coffee every morning. I am useless without it.
That's all for now!