Saturday, April 21, 2007

Knitting for Babies

I started a new project with a deadline. I'm not finished with any of my other WIPs, but I have a deadline - a pretty good excuse, I'd say. Here's the start...

It's the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SNB Handbook. My friends are getting the baby bug (is it insensitive to call it a "bug?"), so I have to up my game on baby knits. My friend requested booties, but I wanted to supplement the booties with another gift. I chose Blue Sky Organic Cotton after scouring the internets for a baby blanket appropriate yarn and consulting moms from work (I know zero about babies- probably evident considering I likened having one with a bug). I was originally planning on some Cascade Superwash, but worried the baby might be allergic to wool. I did think what EZ would say about that, but I'm not sure all mothers would share her opinion about putting a baby in wool. And I didn't buy plastic yarn! I've never worked with BSOC, but chose it because it's all natural, contains no dyes and who wouldn't want their precious little baby's sensitive skin next to something this soft? The baby's room is sage and yellow, so I think "nut" will be a good match. The fabric is so drapey and soft - a perfect combination for a blanket. Now I want one (blanket, not baby)!!

There's another baby in our circle of friends to arrive in the fall, so I ordered some yarn for another blanket, but in the natural color...

what's that in the back there? could it be a weekender bag in progress? just waiting for a zipper to arrive in the mail...

Kind of weird how the natural color is in hank form and the nut in a skein, huh? Also, the nut can be machine washed and the natural can't. Have any idea why? Did BSA just change their packaging? They're both organic cotton.

Oh, and what's with the green yarn? Since I was already placing an order, I tacked on a kit for the Fitted Tank (I settled on Pickle - thanks for your input everyone!) I won't be casting on for a while, obviously. I'm just going to admire the beautiful green in the meantime - the same green I'm trying to convince J to paint the craft room / office in our new house. I have my work cut out for me on succeeding with that!

As a side note, I ordered from (which i highly recommend) where the discount policy is essentially the more you buy, the more you save. I ended up saving $30 with the discounts, covering the entire tank kit! How could I not buy it, right?

By the way, any of you other knitter / runner types, check out this article about a marathoner who knit the entire race!!

Enjoy the weekend! It's sure to be a nice one!