Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I guess I'm a few days behind, but oh well. I've seen all of blogland laying out their resolutions for the coming year, which got me to thinking about mine. After throwing some ideas around, I'm not making any. I have trouble mustering up momentum on demand, I'm much better with fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants ambition. So, if on March 1 I decide I will start blogging more or finally stick to that diet, I'm going to go for it.

Because New Years isn't just about looking ahead, but also contemplating the previous year I dug up my crafty resolutions from last year. Let's see if I actually stuck to any of them...

1. Get comfy with making my own mods for a better fit.
I think I made some progress with this one, but only minimally. I started adding some extra length and increases/decreases, but nothing as ambitious as adding short rows, etc. So, still room for improvement.

2. Only make projects that I know I will wear.
Of all my resolutions, this one I stuck to. I can't think of any knit collecting dust sitting in the back of the closet. They all get action.

3. Make a fair isle sweater - perhaps a Dale...
I made some mittens? And some mitts... Still no sweater.

4. Do a little designing of my own.
I made a hat. I guess that counts albeit a pretty sad contribution.

5. Be a better blogger!
Until the past couple months, I would say I made good on this one. I think blogging will always ebb and flow for me. Consistency is an issue for me. Not just with blogging.

Phew, not as bad as i expected!

For all of you still sticking with me, despite being silent the past couple months, I've been all kinds of crafty. I'll spread out the FOs over the next couple weeks.

Pile 'o FOs

To start off the FO show, here's my most recent FO:


Before selecting this project, I made a crafty resolution (it was December. See what I mean?). Rather than queueing projects and being perpetually behind, I will only cast on for projects for which my fingers and needles itch. I will no longer feel any sense of duty toward queued projects.

With this in mind, I bought yarn and cast on for these the same day!

[Pattern] Bird in Hand Mittens by Kate Gilbert
[Yarn] Ella Rae Classic, Fuschia and Olive Green

at least my hands are warm...

[Needles] Size 1 Addis
[Mods] None. The pattern was perfect, as is.

pretty picots

Much more to come!


jennsquared said...

That is beautiful! I want to knit that too! I'm in CT too :) And I love the box bag tutorial. I'll have to make some! Thanks for sharing!

Navi said...

You're brave for revisiting your last resolutions, I don't dare to look at mine and looks like you did pretty well.

Lovely mittens, I love that pattern. T-shirt love too, I have the same threadless tee.

Lolly said...

Nice to see you! and what lovely mittens!

Stacey said...

what cute mitts! sounds like you have some great goals for the upcoming year!

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