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A Dragokn(it)fly is Born!

So, this is my second knitting blog in as many months, started to replace it's awfully-named older version. I think this might finally be the one, but I'm also the most indecisive person alive.
In knitting news, I cast on for Electra last night. I felt it was cruel to leave all that beautiful yarn untouched and unloved in my stash bag, so I had to do what was right. So far, it's been a fun knit. I was afraid the main color purple was a little bright, but it mellows out with the two strands of KSH Splendour mixed in. I am afraid I made it too big, though. I read a few other bloggers complain the vest runs a little snug and I even tried using a calculator (normal for most knitters, but quite a feat for me) to see how large it would be relative to some of my other sweaters and it also looked small, so I cast on for a size larger than normal. It's looking a little giant, though, so I cast off two stiches on either side to make my normal size. Probably a knitting no-no, but I hate frogging if I don't have to and I'll just tuck them in while seaming. This is what she looks like now. Not much to show, but I'm being super slow and careful so I don't lose any of the three strands I'm knitting together. And, I'm just a slow knitter, I think. And yes, that's a toilet paper roll. How classy am I?
Right now, I just have that going as well as my Dad's Sharfik, which is working out to be a good T knit. We'll see when it starts getting longer. Oh, and I still have to sew 28 buttons onto my Spencer Gloves. I'm saving that.


lobstah said…
I think the colors are absolutely gorgeous, but then I'm partial to purple anyway.

Glad you could find a blog name you are happy with...if it means you will post on a semi-regular basis (and hey, that's the most any of us can expect!) then it's a good thing.

P.S. Don't know if you care but your comments are set up only to allow Blogger members to comment, not the general public.
Lolly said…
Hi! Cute blog name ;)

Great purples you are knitting up!
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