Thursday, March 16, 2006

Norwegian Stockings

I finished my Norwegian Stockings on Monday... Here they are!

Pattern: Norwegian Stockings, Folk Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull, 2 skeins chocolate brown (3172), 1.5 skeins sage green (9436), just enough for snowflakes off white (0020).
Needles: Size 2, 40" Addis
Dates Knit: February 13, 2006 - March 13, 2006
Modifications: As Eunny and Jess did, I went down a needle size and subbed Baby Ull for Heilo.
Notes: It's been said before, but I'll say it again... what a great pattern. Extremely well written, memorizable (is that a word?), and interesting from cast on to cast off. Usually I get sick of projects about halfway through, but trudge through for the cherished FO. With these, I was entertained the entire process and am itching to cast on for some more fair isle. I'm hooked. It feels weird to only knit with one hand!

I used magic loop, which kept me sane. I like dpns, but I would have a nervous breakdown if any stitches slipped off ... I'm cridging just thinking about it.

The final product: Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the finished socks. For these being my first socks and my first "big" fair isle project, I don't think I did half bad. There are certainly little issues I'll notice everytime I wear these, but they will still get plenty of use. I was never a perfectionist and couldn't imagine ripping out rows and rows like so many knitters, but I'm starting to get the bug. These are staying as is, though!

And thanks to MJ for hosting the super fun Norwegian Knits Along!

Some more shots just for fun...


In the past week, I've received some fun mail. Thanks to Jillian's "Find of the Day," (scroll down for the offer) I bought some Rowan mags for super cheap (4 for about $30!). Two are backordered, but on the way. Chris, I think I'm just like you with the out of control pattern stash, but moderate yarn stash. I don't know why I don't feel as guilty buying pattern books.

I also received the skirt pattern I ordered from Betsy Ross for the Sew? I Knit KAL. Check out the fun packaging! This package was even more exciting because it was delivered to me at work. I'm drastically behind with the KAL, but I'm hoping I can catch up. I still have a few more days.


jillian said...

Wow - incredible stockings! And your first fair-isle??? I don't believe it.

I'm so glad to hooked up with the Rowan mag deal! My job here is done :)

Stacey said...

Those are beautiful!!! They are pegged as my next fair isle project after I do my first hat!

hmmm - have to go check out the Rowan mags now....

Angela said...

Wow, they look awesome! Great Job!

lobstah said...

Splendid! Can't wait to see them in person.

Pattern true about feeling less guilty about buying patterns than yarn! I think because no one would ever expect you to knit every pattern in a book, but once you buy yarn, it just stares at you...mocking your good intentions.

Steph said...

Very pretty, I love that color combo.

jacqueline said...

they are gorgeous! i have been itching to try these stocking myself and yours are perfectly inspiring.

brooklyn tweed said...

wow - i love the colors you chose, its my favorite combo i've seen on any of the stockings out ther in blogland. thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

they turned out great! i'm loving them!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous! I love those stockings. I'm super impressed that those are your first fair-isle. Beautiful color choice, too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stockings! And I see they fit perfectly. Those are great colors too. Nice job!

- MJ

VivaPia said...

I love your color combination! And I love those socks. I saw them at Eunny's, but she can knit everything and it always looks great, but if it's your first Fair-isle, maybe I can make them too?

Emily said...

hi there, I just stumbled across your blog and I wanted to ask the size of those addi turbos you used for these stockings. #2 is that 2.75 mm or 2.5mm? I'm just asking because I'm knitting these too and just had to rip them and start over with 2.75mm dpn's (I prefer magic loop too but 2.75mm isn't available over here, I'm lucky I got those DPNs through a swap!). I thought they would be fine but apparantly my calves are a bit bigger then I thought they were. Probably from all the horse riding! :D

They look great, by the way!

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