Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Update

What an amazing weekend up in New England. The leaves are at peak, the air light and crisp. A perfect weekend for some hiking, pumpkin picking (can you believe I spent $30 on 2 pumpkins??? Have pumpkins always been this much money? I must be in the wrong business. And worst of all, I can't help but think of the yarn I could have bought!), running, and (this goes without saying) crafting. That basically sums up my weekend. The picture above is from a hike today. I keep pretending it's my backyard. Could you imagine?

The crafting has definitely improved with the addition of my drafting table. Check out my new crafting space:

Not only do I have space for my computer, sewing machine and ironing board, but the cat has a new elevated spot to look out the window and into the rest of the house. She also keeps my WIPs warm while they wait on the table. Unfortunately, she covers them in cat hair and I'm always fearful I'll accidentally leave a pin in something! Now, what's that hiding on the table? Could it be the (cat hair-covered) weekender?

Sure is. The bag is shaping up nicely. This is where I'm at:

That's the lining with the pockets I added and the exterior turned inside out. I don't want to show that until the bag is complete. I'm was on such a roll up until last week, but stalled out at the start of the work week. Stupid work getting in the way of everything! All I have left to do is attach the lining and make the false bottom. It's just pathetic I'm still putting it off. I started working on it today, but then my bobbin ran out of thread and I got lazy. Again, pathetic.

Despite the bag being unfinished, I still used it last weekend without the lining!


vera said...

hehe, i'm always using things half finished! sometimes things are just too good to wait. looking good so far. :0) x

Veronique said...

Oooh, a weekender bag...
And, I'm totally jealous of your crafting area.

Steph said...

Ahh, can't wait to see it all finished. Lots of pics please :-)

lobstah said...

Yeah, pumpkins are wicked pricey! If you buy a cut-your-own christmas tree they're even pricier. But I try to rationalize it b/c it's keeping working farmland viable.
P.S. Totally laughed at your last post..."cornflower." I always hated that color too. My fave was "midnight blue" for some reason.

Stacey said...

Fall is probably the main reason I stay in New England - this year was spectacular! I love looking out the window and seeing tons of foliage....

the bag is coming along great! You'll be done in no time!

Melissa said...

ya! stupid work getting in the way of EVERYTHING! I hate that!

Can't wait to see the completed weekender, it's gonna be great!

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