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The marathon was great yesterday (but I'm feeling it today!). But, guess what I left on the train on the way home last night? A half-finished Hourglass body, a couple balls of Noro Cash Iroha, some Addis, and my favorite tape measure. :( I'm bummed! I'm usually so anal making sure I've collected all my luggage, but I was SO tired and SO out of it after the race I overlooked the zip lock holding my project (I thought I had shoved it in another bag, but it must have fallen out). I even called the MTA and left a voicemail, but I doubt that will do any good. They'll probably laught at my message!

Anyone have a good project for a half sweater's worth of Cash Iroha?


jen said…
Noooo! That's awful - poor you! I hope it turns up.
Veronique said…
I didn't know you were running the marathon! I was watching on Lafayette ave, so you probably ran right past me!
It's so sad that you forgot your knitting on the train...
Melissa said…
it might turn up, you never know!
Stacey said…
Oh no!!!!!!! You never know what may happen, so keep the faith.....

I did that a few weeks back at a dog show (thought i had put the bag into my other bag, but it had fallen out) but lcukily someone picked it up and turned it into lost and found!
lobstah said…
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry you lost your knitting! I would be crying! I hope it makes its way back to you somehow.
Congrats on doing the marathon, though! :)
lobstah said…
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry you lost your knitting! I would be crying! I hope it makes its way back to you somehow.
Congrats on doing the marathon, though! :)
zero said…
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