Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Projects for the Road

The yarn is packed.

And most of it's in the form of new projects. Here we have the Orange Hat (pattern still undetermined) and We Call them Pirates Hat, still in yarn form. Also in the knitting bag are the top priority Leg Warmers and Marble Arch Socks. With 14 hours of travel time, I plan on getting lots of car knitting accomplished as well as lazy NJ knitting.


Stacey said...

that sounds like lots of great knitting time! I love the pirates hat - on my long to knit list!!!

Anonymous said...

14 hours of travel time?! Where are you going, the other end of the globe? Sheesh!
I have to admit, ever since I started knitting, I love travelling, and even travel delays... And it looks like you're all set, knitting-wise!


lobstah said...

OK, I want to see some pictures of Beau!
Hope you guys have an awesome time in DC. I don't think we are going to do anything exciting for New Years, maybe just hang out with our neighbors. Greg can't drink due to the antibiotics he is taking for strep (nice) and I don't think my liver can handle drinking the way it used to!
Happy New Year!