Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Family Jewels

Check out these neat blankets crocheted by my hubbie's late nana! We found these in his parents basement a few weeks ago with some of his other stuff. According to J, his nana used to "crochet all day long." I guess she made a bunch for him since he was a kid, but these are the latest in the collection. He thinks he received them in HS. The blankets are made of - you guessed it! - acrylic, I'm sure it's the ubiquitous Red Heart we all know and love. Because they've been sitting in a spider-infested, dusty basement for the past ten years I ran them through the cold cycle of the washer and let them air dry. They dried in only an hour or two.

Here's the first (my favorite):

Here's the other side. Check out the rockin' 70s colors!

And the other, more classic-colored one: