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Endpaper Mitts

Endpaper Mitts

an endpaper mitt & backyard leaves

Pattern: Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts
Yarn: Louet Gems Pearl in Cranberry & Orange (1 skein each)
Needles: US 1 & 2 Addi Turbos
Time Knitted: January 28th (somewhat randomly selected date) to February 17th.
Comments: These are one of my favorite knits ever. They have a more polished look than any of my other knitted mittens or gloves and are sure to get tons of use. Plus, you can't beat having use of your fingers for dog walking, convenient iPod use, and driving. Woo hoo - we've gots a winner. Now I just need some Anemoi Mittens for the really cold days. Like today, brrr.

I felt like a complete weirdo parked in my driveway during this photoshoot. I even tried getting both my hands in the picture with the help of my neck, chin, and the self-timer. I wonder why none of those pics made it to the blog?

And for the next installment of 100 things (11-20)

Ever wonder if one of your regular blog reads is authored by someone you know? Like, the girl you sat next to in Calculus in college. Or if a blogger has something in common with you, that most can't relate to? With that in mind, these next 10 things about me are to see if someone can say, "hey -- me, too!"

11. I went to school in the
Shendandoah Valley, land of the Mennonite and home of the Duke dog, my school's mascot. Oh, and countless chicken factories. I miss Virginia. But not because of the chicken factories. Sometimes, we'd find dead chickens in the street and oftentimes the air would get a little funky. Oh, and on a side note, there was always a camoflage painted car in the Wal-Mart parking lot, even before camo was cool. Despite all that, the valley ranks high as one of the country's most beautiful places in my book.

My Friday afternoon treat. Big cappuccino & Grey's Anatomy over the internets. At least until the OC is over and I can watch it primetime.

12. I am 50% Swedish, my dad is 100%. J was really excited when completing a quiz in Maxim way back when where he could check off the "dated a Swedish girl" box.
13. I was a cheerleader from elementary to high school, head cheerleader even.
14. I grew up in Northern New Jersey, right about where the suburbs meet a rural landscape. I didn't know what a Farmer's Market was until college. We just went directly to the farms, something most people don't believe exist in the jerz.
15. I am a Yankee turned Red Sox fan. I don't expect there are many like me, in fact, most will shun me for this confession. It's hard not to get sucked into the contagious Red Sox Fandom, especially living less than a mile from
Fenway. Also, from April to October (September in rougher times, it's Red Sox on the TV all the time.
16. Me and J's favorite band is
Widespread Panic. We even used a tune they covered for our first dance at our wedding.
17. I love going to see live music. This has become more difficult now that we're old 9-5'ers, but we still try to make it out when we can.
The cat is so cold, she's started hanging out on the radiators. It was 6 degrees when I left for work this am (yes, I was one of the few Americans who had to work today. I'm a little bitter)
18. I feel just as comfortable outside in the woods as my living room watching TV. Well, almost. At least in non-desert areas. We had a bad run in with some scorpions and red ants (those suckers hurt!) in Canyonlands NP. But, put us in the Sierras or Appalachians are we're right at home.
19. My childhood dog was a English Springer Spaniel named Barkley (like in Sesame Street).
20. I was raised on The Brady Bunch and Different Strokes.
okay, some of those last ones were pushing the theme a bit, but I tried.


caitlyn said…
The Endpaper Mitts look amazing! Love the colors, Kelly.
Jodi said…
Beautiful endpaper mitts! I had a feeling of deja vu when I saw your cat picture. My Kylie Cat is very similar in appearance, and she loves radiators, too. She likes to recline next to them and put her paws under them rather than sitting directly on top of them, though!

Happy knitting.
Stacey said…
the mitts are wonderful! great job!

my dogs tend to sleep next to my baseboard heaters - sucking up all the heat before it gets to me!
lobstah said…
For some reason I cannot picture you as a cheerleader! Can you do a split? ;b
jacqueline said…
those mitts are too cute! you've done a fantastic job - love them!
Mintyfresh said…
nice job on the mitts! I love your installments of 100 things, and how your 100 things are far more interesting than most 100 things. i've been considering writing up 100 for me, but mine would be a lot simpler, i think :)
the rachface said…
The Endpaper Mitts are beautiful! I love those colors together. I can understand feeling strange posing with the knitted goods in the front yard.

And a Me, Too! On #15, 17 and 18. I was a Yanks fan until my family shamed me back to Bostonian roots.
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