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When your inner knitter won't shut the hell up.

Okay, I'm getting a little tired of shushing my inner knitter. After my meticulous, mathematical analysis supported by swatch samples and machine-made sweaters, I determined the exact number of stitches required for my perfect fitting, labor-intensive sweater that is demi. so, why does it look like this?

This is Demi atop my "perfect sweater."

I just wanted to mention that demi is completely unstretched in this picture. I can stretch it to the size of the sweater without distorting the cables. But I'm worried there won't be much stretch in the finished sweater, unlike the "perfect sweater."

I know, I know, the yarn will bloom and I swatched and used math and swatched! And used math! But, but why is it sooo small? surely it can't bloom that much, right? I can block the heck out of it, but I don't want a lacy cabled sweater you can see through. You know what I'm talking about. I don't want to worry about always wearing a brown shirt under this.

My mind and heart/good common sense are in full-fledged battle mode. I'm one of those emotional, go with your gut types so I'm convinced my math is wrong or that I'm delusional about my size. Am I nuts? What should I do? I thought about just knitting the size medium for the rest of the pieces, but the cable motif on the sides are supposed to match up. Plus, is that even allowed?

The worst part is that instead of relaxing and enjoying (okay, this knit will never be relaxing) this project, I'm worried the whole time. Stressed out, furrowed brow kind of worried. Okay, wah! I'm done.

On a lighter note, I was all sorts of crafty and domestic this weekend!

Ever since I got my grubby little hands on a
misocrafty pouch, I've been itching for more. But, as we all know they're the Vesper yarn of knitting accessories. Meaning, you either have to be psychic or just plain lucky to get your hands on one. But suddenly discontent with my ultrafancy ziplocks, I took matters into my own hands and made my own version.


These fat quarters (I have an obsession with fat quarters. For some reason I feel like I'm not adding to my stash with these cute little squares) have been sitting in my stash for years and I finally found the perfect use for them. Makes you wonder how many other pieces of craft stash could be better utilized. Because sitting in my craft drawer (okay, fine, dresser) really adds value.

A peek at the lining...

And look how cute they look all organized in a row...

I also made yummy granola. It's a blend of Lolly's recipe, Scout's recipe....

...and other random stuff I found in my pantry.

I'm also down to the toe on my Monkey socks and onto my second endpaper mitt.


Melissa said…
maybe you're gauge changed a bit because you're so stressed out knitting the sweater?

Also, when you checked your gauge did you swatch every cable pattern? I know that seems like a complete pain in the arse, but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do!

I haven't knit demi, so i don't know what type of gauge swatch they ask you to knit......I wish I could help more than that!
Mintyfresh said…
seeing your sweater atop your other sweater makes me awfully nervous for you. Have you stretched it to its most wearable width?

Those pouches would have cheered anyone up right fast--they look awesome!! I've got to start pulling out my sewing machine and playing some more.
Veronique said…
Actually, I think your sweater will come out fine. Have you ever dunked a sweater in water, and all of a sudden the heavy wool just grows under your (horrified) eyes? Let me tell you, you just need for it to happen once and you will never forget it. I think the yarn will bloom tremendously due to blocking.
When you did your swatch, did you measure pre- and post-blocking? If not, can you take a new ball of yarn and make a new swatch? Hey, it's better than ripping!
j a r e d said…
I had the exact same problem with my Demi (which I think is the same yarn even as yours).

Here's a picture of before and of after blocking. It really grew a lot. I did a significant blocking job but definitely didn't have to muscle it or anything. And its not see through either. It actually is really nice after the block.

I had the exact same fears, but it all turned out okay. I think you should just keep going and trust your math. Good luck!
lobstah said…
Uh-oh, that would make me nervous too. I actually am having similar fears on the sweater I'm making right now. You could try putting the piece on some waste yarn and doing a "pre-block" (i.e. just wet it with a spray bottle and pin it out). If it pins out to the right size and doesn't look hole-y or anything, that might make ya feel better!
Unknown said…
really nice pouches / bags - is it made up pattern or is there somewhere I can get hold of it online?

and good luck with the cables too..
Stacey said…
I wonder if your gauge changed at all? If not, I would not dismiss your inner knitter - it is screaming for a reason. If you do block it out to size, it is lacy?

the pouches are great - yay for creative sewing!
Kaitie Tee said…
Great pouches - perhaps you could make a tutorial?
Jackie said…
Love those lovely pouches.
Kay Karen said…
I know I'm a tad behind, and you may well have solved your problem. But cabling takes up a lot of horizontal space, and the sweater behind your WIP looks to be a different pattern altogether. I've seen math formulas for determining how much difference cables will make, but can't remember where. I guess swatching in your pattern stitch would make the most sense. But at least you swatch!

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