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Monkeying Around


Finished these on Saturday and they haven't left my feet since (well, I did take them off in the shower). These are by far my best fitting, most comfy pair of handkit socks ever. For reals, y'all. Just a satisfying blend of stretchy and warm. In the words of Rach3l Ray, "Yum-O!"

Pattern. Monkey Socks by sock genius, Cookie A.
Source. - New patterns just out!
Yarn. Socks that Rock, Rare Gems
Needles. Size 1 Addis, 40"
Time Knitted. January 31 to March 3
Mods. Nada


Anonymous said…
gorgeous sock!
and i posted a link to your box bag tutorial on my blog- trying to spread the box bag love! hope you don't mind :0)
Mintyfresh said…
great job! yay for socks that fit perfectly.
Felicia said…
They are fantastic and they do look immensely comfortable. Thanks also for posting that groovy box bag tutorial. I'm going to give it a try!
domesticat said…
those are awesome and i love love love the color!
Lolly said…
Wow, what cute socks! I love them :)
Great Monkeys! I should have some fresh off the needles very soon, too! Cookie's patterns always fit so great. Looks like your box bags are receiving the LOVE!
Stacey said…
those came out great! the pattern really shows through even with the variegated yarn!
Javajem said…
Gorgeous! I'm almost done with my Monkey socks too - just one more repeat!
jen said…
Those are gorgeous - both the pattern and the colour!
Nora said…
Oh, they're gorgeous. I think Monkey is my favourite sock pattern - simple and fst!!
lobstah said…
Those are totally groove-a-licious!
So...are the rumors true? I heard something about a new house?
jacqueline said…
oh wow! these are way cute. i just love them!!
Elizabeth said…
Ooooh... me likey. Great job. I'm going to try these socks eventually...
Margie said…
I think you've given me an idea of what yarn to use for my Monkeys, hopefully next in the pipeline. I have a Rare Gem in burgundies. I like the box bag link idea and will post a link on my blog also. Great job!
zero said…
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Dans said…
super style thank you
very very good

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