Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Playing Catch Up

I haven't posted in the last....er, month, but I've been keeping true to my WIPs, and um, adding a few new ones. It's all good, though. Promise.

Flock of Triangles Quilt
I'm getting a little deeper into the quilt process. I've spent a few evenings (well, for what little time I can handle in my sweltering, AC-free, craft room) cutting out squares and triangles for my quilt. I keep reminding myself that the extra care I put into making the pieces perfect will pay off later.

After cutting, I started a little excel chart indicating placement of all the triangles.

Then, assigned each fabric a number.

FINALLY, I can start sewing!!

Hip, Bad Ass Dress
I also got some fabric for this dress, too. I've been following Vogue 8280 (thanks again for the tip, Veronique!) loosely and felt like the dress was gonna be my greatest sewing project to date until I reached the sleeves (okay, I won't lie. Those flanges were a real bitch, too). Anyway, I made some minor tweaks to the sleeves (maybe they could be consider major - I did fully eliminate a pattern piece), and somehow the dress resembles more of a Colonial Williamsburg costume than my hip, coolest dress ever.

Hi, I like poufy sleeves. Civil War Reenactments this way.

Rest assured, there will be plenty more tweaking in the sleeve dept. Moving on - what do you think about the fabric? Too risky? I'm a fashion risk taker (or so I flatter myself), but something that elicits pointing and snickering is a different story. I just couldn't pass up the sparrow fabric.

And to keep consistent wtih the blog's title, here's a little knitting for you... Cherry!

I'm up to the armpits on this one and it's flying by. When it actually gets pulled out, that is.

Pretty tubular caston

If you're still reading this, hope everyone is enjoying these last few weeks of summer. I know in CT night's coming earlier and it's dark when I wake up for my morning run.


June said...

Great projects going on here...the quilt organizational plan is brilliant!

dana said...

yummy on the quilt. i hope you will keep sharing the photos.

i had never hear of a tubular cast on. i think i'll pull out the old vogue knitting book and see if its in there.

who knew!

Elizabeth said...

Oooh, that quilt is going to be SO pretty. I love that Amy Butler fabric. And I love the sparrow fabric too - I've been eyeing that up the last few times at the fabric store. And Cherry is looking great too! Lots of lovely projects - can't wait to see more of them.

Navi said...

The quilt is looking quite promising, and I love the stitch pattern of your sweater.

Stacey said...

that quilt will be amazing! you are going about it so organized - numbering them is a great idea!

love tubular cast on - it leaves such a nice edge. can't wait to see it done! sounds like you are flying!

love that dress fabric. if I was a "fashion risk taker" like you, I'd wear it!

(I just realized that you are in West Hartford. I'm in Worcester!)

Veronique said...

Oh, I love that bird fabric! I saw it at Purl and almost bought it... Can't wait to see the dress once you're done tweaking.
You are quite organized about the quilt! That's a recipe for success, right?

Anonymous said...

Organizing the fabric is key! Thank goodness for Post-It notes, right? I made my first 3 quilts with Amy Butler fabric, the patterns are just really good. Yours will be beautiful when it's finished, I just know it.

- MJ

lobstah said...

That is going to be one spectacular quilt! Nice tubular cast on, too.

knittingphilistine said...

So many pretty, pretty things! You've been a very busy girl!

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