Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm obsessed.

I'm obsessed with this dress.

This is just a picture from Amy Butler's site - no pattern has released yet. I swear, my favorite designs from her site are always the ones without patterns! I've been drooling over this dress for awhile now, just mustering up the courage to make my own version (I even carry a printout in my purse! If I had a locker, I'd hang it up in there next to my picture of Brad Pitt. Maybe I'm getting carried away...). This is how my mind works - I stare and drool, obsess, let that fade, wait for it to come back, drool, and so on. Sometime in the cycle of hemming and hawing, I'll reach a new level of obsession, drop everything, and impulse shop (for some reason shopping for the materials makes me feel just as good as making the final product). I think we've reached that level. Well, actually I reached that level on July 3. Unfortunatley, the only local fabric shop that's not joann's was closed for vacation (grr, didn't they know I needed fabric?). Stupid me even drove all the way there to find out! (I did go to Joann's afterwards to see if I could find some fabric, but left emptyhanded). So today, I will set out to the fabric store (after calling ahead, of course) for fabric to make this beauty. Oh, and curtains--my next home improvement project. Raw silk curtains won't be too $$$, right? ha!

Back to my soon to be beautiful dress... I've actually never made a dress with a pattern (I'm a big fan of the "try it on as you go" school of thought), but this one seems more daunting with those fancy sleeves and all. Sleeves that a pucker will just ruin. Plus, there's no shot of the back. That's cool, though. I have big plans for the back. I'd like it to look like a built in shrug, but with a peep hole between the two fabrics. The seaming could get tricky, though...hmmm... Still brainstorming, obviously.

Blanket? What blankets? Okay, I didn't forget about the baby blankets. And admittedly, the dress project may have to wait a bit (but at least I'll have pretty fabric to stare at). But, I finished the second one and am 1/4 done with the third. I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

And the quilt? Well, no real excuse. Can't explain how the obsession strikes! I'm sure all the other ADD crafters understand. :)

Have a good weekend !