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Blankets, more Blankets and a little Rafting

Lots of babies on the way around here. It don't think I'm the only one as baby knits seem to be populating blogland in record numbers these days. Hopefully all you baby knit knitters were smarter than me and chose to diversify your patterns a bit. All that's on the front burner of my knitting queue are Big Bad Baby Blankets. A total of three for this summer. I bought yarn for this one and another at the same time. Then, another pregnancy was announced and I bought more yarn for another. It seemed like a brilliant plan. I finished the first in two weeks, the yarn is soft, the pattern easy, and the baby showers were cropping up quickly. I'm about 10 rows from finishing blanket number two and desperate to work on my quilt. I sneak in a bit of cutting every once in awhile, but usually make it back to the ball and chain blankets.

Anyway, that was a whole lot of bitching when really the blankets are fun, easy knits and I really think all the babies (and mommies) will love them (they better!). I just like having an option from project ADD. Because of the static knitting, I have no knitting pictures.

Instead, I offer some pics from my weekend up in Maine.

Not our raft, but my best river shot. It's tough taking shots while trying to paddle and stay in the raft!

We went up to The Forks for a white water rafting trip (my first) on the Kennebec River. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun - what could be better than an all natural (well, mostly - the rapids get a power boost from the dam) water roller coaster? Now I want to quit my job and become a rafting guide (surely they'd hire me with my one day of experience, right?). The icing on the cake was hanging out with Lobstah and some other friends.

me after a quick dip (on purpose, I didn't fall in) in the river. Just a teensy bit cold. At least the water tasted good!


Stacey said…
that looks like fun. that is such a beautiful river - I've been canoeing on the calmer parts several times....
Lolly said…
What a great trip! Love the pics! I would love to get up to Maine...
Kirsten said…
Looks like you had fun :) My husband and I and a group of friends rafted with Northern Outdoors on the Penobscot last year and we had a blast!
lobstah said…
The rafting photos are awesome--looks like everyone survived. Did you guys end up partying Saturday night? I wish we had gotten you over to 3 rivers on Friday--there was an awesome funk band with full horns section! Oh well!
And, don't worry about the butt photo, it's funny. Me and my butt will live in infamy on the internets, lol!
parikha said…
that looks so fun! i can't believe we never really explored maine after all the time we lived in boston...

and as for babies, there really must be something in the water--baby fever has hit my friends & family big time, too.

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