Friday, August 27, 2010

Museum Tunic

I’ve been obsessed with all things AMH these days.  Pretty much anything that pops up on her site, I have to make.  So, when I saw this dress on her website a few months back, it wasn’t long before I had some Little Folks Dobby in my cart.  I’d been eyeing this particular fabric, but didn’t pull the trigger because I couldn’t think of a pattern worthy of the fabric. 

museum tunic - 5

I did end up modifying the pattern a bit to make it more wearable for me.  I don’t own a slip and knowing me, it would take me a year before I actually bought one.  To remedy that, I lined the dress with some straw lining material.  In a perfect world, I would have lined it with some coordinating solid voile, but that’s a little rich for my budget, so I opted for some regular ol’ lining material from Joann. 

museum tunic - 2

I also shirred the waistline instead of zig-zag stitching elastic just because I thought it would be easier. 

museum tunic - inside
Lining and Shirring

I didn’t intend to wear this dress while pregnant, but surprisingly enough it fits – even at nearly 38 weeks pregnant!  I’m not sure it’s all that flattering as maternity wear, but really what’s flattering on a pregnant woman two weeks shy of her due date? 

museum tunic - 7

Of course when I was modeling it for J and informed him the dress was more for after the baby arrives, he asked a bit sheepishly “how big do you plan on being after the baby was born.”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Like I’m hoping to staying 30 pounds heavier! I had to explain that part of the beauty of this dress is its flowy nature.

Because the dress only requires 1.5 panels of the fabric but I had to purchase all 2 panels, I used the leftover ½ panel for a little scarf (still to be photographed). 

Pattern:  Museum Tunic
Fabric: 2 panels Little Folks Dobby, Anna Maria Horner and <2 yards Generic Lining Material


Jennifer Wathen said...

Hi Kelly,

I've had your blog on my bloglines for a couple of years now. I once was a hardcore knitter, but fall in and out with it as a hobby along with crochet, quilting, and sewing. I too am pregnant, due in December... and have seen the pattern as well and thought that it might work as a maternity dress. I'm glad to see that it does. Your dress looks fantastic. Maybe I can finally get up the courage to make one for myself. Just wanted to stop by as say congratulations on your baby!

God Bless,

Susan said...

I am currently pregnant right now and I love that tunic. I have been searching for cute tunics to wear.