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My Name is Kelly & I Can't Read Patterns.

So, the Electra pattern has an * next to the yarn list for KSH and notes that it should be used double throughout. Like a dumbass, I thought this meant throughout the entire sweater. I was about done with the ribbing when I realized I was about halfway through the one ball of yarn the pattern prescribed. I was still hopeful, because I loved the color that resulted from mixing the two yarns and I couldn't think about frogging and re-balling the three yarns when they were practically felted together by that point. Plus, I like the KSH & YS tweed purple better than the YS tweed purple alone.

Next came the fair isle part. This is where I began to unravel. So, I was switching the 2 strands of KSH between the pattern and background yarns for every stitch. This would be annoying enough with normal yarn, but KSH! At this point, I slipped a strand each of KSH with the pattern and background yarns and decided that would work. It was better, for sure.

It's time I stopped kidding myself, though. I have to frog. The fair isle is blending together because of the KSH theme which I thought might be a cool effect (my resistance to frogging speaking), but I can't deal with the fair isle AND the KSH and I dont' want to deal with finding more KSH in the same dye lot. This is what I have so far that has yet to be frogged... RIP, Electra #1.


lobstah said…
Oh no! I am constantly reading patterns wrong too. I think our new year's resolution should be to be more diligent in reading patterns.

When I read the title of this post, all I could think of was "My name is Kelly, and I like to do draw-rings!"

Hee hee.

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