Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sharfik Update

While Electra has been my knit at home project, I always like to have a portable project going simulateneously. That's been Dad's Sharfik. Perfect for the T, perfect size for my purse. Sharfik's been my traveling companion for quite some time now. It's good, too, because it's a really nice knit and it's been lasting. I think I'll eventually break down and just finish it in a few nights (I want my dad to get some use from it while it's still cold). Here's some photos of it's current state:

I only dry blocked part of it (mostly because all my pins are in use wet blocking Electra). But, you get the picture of how the cables will look. Here's an upclose shot...

Yesterday, as I like all Saturdays to be, was a day of baking. Since Pants (the husband) has a bit of a chocolate problem (it really is a problem not something I can make cute by calling him a "choco-holic" or saying he has a sweet tooth), he'll take anything chocolate over something not regardless of the food group. I thought I liked chocolate, but it's become trite for me now. In any case, here are the goods. And, yeah, despite my ramblings I ate some and they were yummy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Electra - Halfway Done (Sort Of)

Yay! Electra is at her halfway point (minus those ends, how scary are they?) Nothing insightful to report since my last post, just more of the same. I'm picking up speed, though. I feel like I knit about half this in one night. I stopped paying attention and when I stood up to go to bed, I looked down and saw I had doubled my progress. Woo hoo! I swear I do enjoy the process, but everyone loves a FO, right? Here, have a look at her:
Want a closer look at those ends to weave in?
Didn't think so. I'm going to sew them all in before giving it a bath and blocking.
In other news, my yarn for Highgate arrived today from across the ocean. Ebay and Cucumberpatch Rock! Great deals and free shipping, what beats that? You can't tell very well from the picture, but the color is a dark purple. As I've complained about before, I'm never around during daylight so you'll have to trust me about the color.

In other knitting news, I've been chipping away at Dad's Sharfik. It's my portable knitting project, so I get in a few rows on the train and during lunch.

Speaking of the train, I had a rather startling experience today on my way home. As a little background, the T packs up fast and dense during rush hour. People pack into the train rather than wait a few minutes for the next to arrive. With all the winter coats and body heat, it's not the most serene thirty minutes of my day. Because knitting makes my ride feel so much shorter, I'm usually pretty psyched to actually get a seat. Unfortunately certain types have no etiquette when it comes to deciding whether to squeeze into the tiny seats or just suck it up and stand. I was lucky enough to secure a seat today and was blissfully knitting some cables when I noticed the seats on either side of me freed up. Curious to see my new neighbors, I looked up and saw a man three times the size of the seat (I'm not trying to offend anyone, but come on, I feel bad squeezing into a seat when I have a big coat on and I can fit both cheeks without overlap). He swung around and literally sat on my lap. Yes, he was in his seat, but also in half of mine. I took a deep breath to manage my anger when things took a turn for the worst. Not only was this guy in total invastion of my personal space (not to mention crushing my leg), but he stank worse than I could imagine possible. I could think of some adjectives, but I can't bear to remind myself of the stench. It was so bad, I couldn't breathe. I had to turn to my other side to get any air. I got lightheaded, kept messing up my knitting, it was miserable. The worst thing was that I stayed, and do you want to know why? I felt bad. I felt bad this guy would know I got up because I didn't want to sit next to him. The train was packed, I wouldn't be able to make it even to the other side of the car. How sad am I? When I finally decided I was going to pass out from lack of air, his stop came up and I was able to get some fresh air in my lungs (well, as fresh as underground Boston air gets).

Not really knitting talk and probably not all that interesting to most, but I had to vent in an attempt to rid my memory of my stinky subway ride. (shudder)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Electra #2

Electra is slowly coming together. I'm really enjoying working in fair isle. It's exhilarating seeing the colors come to life. That said, I feel like I should be halfway done with the second piece, but nope, it's moving S-L-O-W-L-Y. My hands are still getting accustomed to the switching back and forth between yarns and it's even more difficult because the yarns are all different sizes. It's a good time, though, and that's what counts, right?

I'm also getting a little worried I should have made a bigger size. I'm going to keep positive, though, and just hope for the best. I can always block the crap out of it and hope that works.

Here's a picture of my progress: I'm done with the first 34-row repeat and onto the second.

How intimidating are those ends? I'm going to start weaving them in so I'm not stuck with them at the end. Here's an up close shot, too.

I've been dedicating most of my time after work to Electra and I thought I should take some time for some other crafts. I spent a whole ten minutes making this necklace...

Nice, quick satisfaction. I bought the beads when I was in NYC last. They look big, but they're super lightweight. I think I might restring it and make it a tiny bit longer. Oh, and ignore how filthy our bathroom mirror looks. Here's a close up of the gold finding. My favorite part, too bad it's hidden in the back.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Upcoming Projects

In an effort to better organize all the projects I want to start, I thought this would be a good place to log them all. I find myself seeing a project online, researching yarn, either buying it or not buying it... and starting all over again the next day. I'm trying to keep a minimal stash because I'm too capricious to actually make what I planned and bought yarn for.

So, these are the projects rolling around in my head right now.

1. Cute Little Sequin Purse in Rowan 38. Status: Bought yarn & Sequins.
2. Paula in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. Status: Project requires 22 balls (gasp!) of yarn, so I'm simultaneously looking for a deal and determining a substitute yarn.
3. Highgate in Jaeger (I don't even know!). Status: Bought yarn.
4. Aimee in Rowan Vintage Style. Status: Just a lot of drooling over photos online so far.
5. Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style. Status: Keep looking for the yarn I want (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in Green), but can't find it in a store. Also thinking about substituting some Malabrigo because I love it so much.
6. A ribbed Colinette scarf a la Status: After seeing Jess's project in Windfall, I fell in love with the color. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be available in Skye anymore. Grr.... so I'm deciding whether to go for Graffiti instead of Skye or just choose another color.

Sorry for the boring, pictureless post. Maybe I'll post pictures of Electra #2 tonight.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Name is Kelly & I Can't Read Patterns.

So, the Electra pattern has an * next to the yarn list for KSH and notes that it should be used double throughout. Like a dumbass, I thought this meant throughout the entire sweater. I was about done with the ribbing when I realized I was about halfway through the one ball of yarn the pattern prescribed. I was still hopeful, because I loved the color that resulted from mixing the two yarns and I couldn't think about frogging and re-balling the three yarns when they were practically felted together by that point. Plus, I like the KSH & YS tweed purple better than the YS tweed purple alone.

Next came the fair isle part. This is where I began to unravel. So, I was switching the 2 strands of KSH between the pattern and background yarns for every stitch. This would be annoying enough with normal yarn, but KSH! At this point, I slipped a strand each of KSH with the pattern and background yarns and decided that would work. It was better, for sure.

It's time I stopped kidding myself, though. I have to frog. The fair isle is blending together because of the KSH theme which I thought might be a cool effect (my resistance to frogging speaking), but I can't deal with the fair isle AND the KSH and I dont' want to deal with finding more KSH in the same dye lot. This is what I have so far that has yet to be frogged... RIP, Electra #1.

Friday, January 06, 2006

A Dragokn(it)fly is Born!

So, this is my second knitting blog in as many months, started to replace it's awfully-named older version. I think this might finally be the one, but I'm also the most indecisive person alive.
In knitting news, I cast on for Electra last night. I felt it was cruel to leave all that beautiful yarn untouched and unloved in my stash bag, so I had to do what was right. So far, it's been a fun knit. I was afraid the main color purple was a little bright, but it mellows out with the two strands of KSH Splendour mixed in. I am afraid I made it too big, though. I read a few other bloggers complain the vest runs a little snug and I even tried using a calculator (normal for most knitters, but quite a feat for me) to see how large it would be relative to some of my other sweaters and it also looked small, so I cast on for a size larger than normal. It's looking a little giant, though, so I cast off two stiches on either side to make my normal size. Probably a knitting no-no, but I hate frogging if I don't have to and I'll just tuck them in while seaming. This is what she looks like now. Not much to show, but I'm being super slow and careful so I don't lose any of the three strands I'm knitting together. And, I'm just a slow knitter, I think. And yes, that's a toilet paper roll. How classy am I?
Right now, I just have that going as well as my Dad's Sharfik, which is working out to be a good T knit. We'll see when it starts getting longer. Oh, and I still have to sew 28 buttons onto my Spencer Gloves. I'm saving that.