Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bobble Blue!

Thanks for listening to my weather rant last post. I think it worked, though. It stopped raining:) It was a crafty weekend at la casa de Dragoknitfly. I finished up Bobble Blue and K brewed some fine homecraft delights. Scroll down for some pics in all it's casked glory. More importantly (sorry, honey!) ...

Bobble Blue Pattern: Bobble Blue by Mari Lynn Patrick
Source: Interweave Knits, Spring 2006

Size: 38
Yarn: Plymuth Suri Merino, 8.5 balls in French Blue (recommended yarn, color used in magazine - how creative am I?)
Needles: US Size 6 and 7 Addi Turbos
Buttons: From my stash. I think they might be my mom's even. She gave me a prescription bottle filled with buttons a few years back, but I've thrown in many of my own thrown in since.
Modifications: Three stitch bobbles rather than five. I also added a half inch of ribbing.
Comments: Fun pattern, although I'm not convinced the yarn is a good match. With the short sleeves and the alpaca blend yarn, something seems amiss. I thought this from the very beginning, but found the yarn so cheap I had to use it. I'm hoping it will be a nice work and summer evening sweater. Overall, the sweater is soft and warm with a delicate halo of fuzz and only a smidge itchy (but a lot more than a smidge the second you break a sweat). If I went back and reknit this, I would make the smaller size and add another couple inches of ribbing. I'll have to reblock this puppy and see if I can create the same results with this sweater.

And, here are a billion more pictures...

Some back detail
All ladylike on a hangar.


Dude, I never noticed how many power lines ran in front of my house. That can't be normal.

BEER And, as promised a little American Pale Ale Homebrew! Mmmmm... beer.

RECENT CASTON You didn't think I would finish a project and not cast on for a new one, did you? Here's Prairie Tunic 4 row in. STASH Oh, and last but certainly not least. A little stash enhancement. That's STR Fairgrounds from the Blue Moon Sock Club on your left and Vesper Sock Yarn in Antigone on your right. Yum and yum.