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Baby Blankets & Booties

I'm finished with all my baby knitting: Pattern Big Bad Baby Blanket Source Stitch 'n Bitch Handbook Yarn Blue Sky Organic Cotton in Nut and Bone, 4 skeins each Needles Size 8 Addis Time to Knit Blanket #2 - July 7 - July 15; Blanket #3 - July 17-July 26. Comments Great pattern, great blanket. I used larger gauge yarn, so my blankets came out a big larger than the original. I made sure to end each ball of yarn at the end of a row. Because of the thick, organic texture of the yarn, the weaving was really noticeable in a stockinette portion. The garter stitch hid them well, though. The yarn was a drapey dream while knitting, but stiffened up a goot bit after washing / blocking . I'm sure (I hope ) it will soften with use. Mods I opted for garter stitch instead of seed stitch just for timesavings and peace of mind (seed stitch is beautiful, but takes me SO LONG). The third and final baby blanket was the perfect project to keep my hands busy while ready the 7th

Fiberlicious Friday

I was inspired to partake in some fiberlicious fun when I noticed these cherries were the exact same color of the latest STR Rockin Sock Club Yarn, Firebird. Mt. Ranier cherries are my favorite. Pure summer. Then, I noticed these other cherries were the exact same color as one of last year's skeins, Mustang Sally. Yum. Fiber. In other news, I w ent to the fabric store to find well, not much potential for my pretty new dress and have been relegated to the internets. With the bazillion choices and my distrust of accurate coloring, I'm paralyzed by indecision. On a positive note, the lack of pretty, distracting fabric hanging around begging to be made into a dress has enabled me to finish both baby blankets! More on all that later. Have a good weekend!

I'm obsessed.

I'm obsessed with this dress. This is just a picture from Amy Butler's site - no pattern has released yet. I swear, my favorite designs from her site are always the ones without patterns! I've been drooling over this dress for awhile now, just mustering up the courage to make my own version (I even carry a printout in my purse! If I had a locker, I'd hang it up in there next to my picture of Brad Pitt. Maybe I'm getting carried away...). This is how my mind works - I stare and drool, obsess, let that fade, wait for it to come back, drool, and so on. Sometime in the cycle of hemming and hawing, I'll reach a new level of obsession, drop everything, and impulse shop (for some reason shopping for the materials makes me feel just as good as making the final product). I think we've reached that level. Well, actually I reached that level on July 3. Unfortunatley, the only local fabric shop that's not joann's was closed for vacation (grr, didn't they

Blankets, more Blankets and a little Rafting

Lots of babies on the way around here. It don't think I'm the only one as baby knits seem to be populating blogland in record numbers these days. Hopefully all you baby knit knitters were smarter than me and chose to diversify your patterns a bit. All that's on the front burner of my knitting queue are Big Bad Baby Blankets. A total of three for this summer. I bought yarn for this one and another at the same time. Then, another pregnancy was announced and I bought more yarn for another. It seemed like a brilliant plan. I finished the first in two weeks, the yarn is soft, the pattern easy, and the baby showers were cropping up quickly. I'm about 10 rows from finishing blanket number two and desperate to work on my quilt . I sneak in a bit of cutting every once in awhile, but usually make it back to the ball and chain blankets. Anyway, that was a whole lot of bitching when really the blankets are fun, easy knits and I really think all the babies (and mommies) will love

Grasshoppers on my Mind

Before I start, I'm going to apologize for the lengthy post - I'm still getting back into the swing of regular posting. Thanks for all the nice comments on the house. It's hard work, but every day the house is more comfortable and more home., so it's worth it. And it will be cool to look back in a few years and make fun of all the sellers' 70s furniture all over again. Even more disturbing, I would have loved half that decor in my college apartment! Moving on...The past couple months, there have been several grasshopper sightings round these parts. EXHIBIT A - Sunshine Yarns in Grasshopper on its way to becoming Embossed Leaves Socks. EXHIBIT B - Grasshopper Cupcakes. Parikha ' s refreshing warm weather confection (sorry, I can't figure out how to link to the exact post, but the one from 5/31). I kept some for our house and J brought the rest into work - apparently his coworkers were fighting over them! They are just that good. I'll be sure t