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A new hat for Alice

Unfortunately, the adorable little owl hat I made Alice this past fall fit her for all of fifteen seconds. And because she tears off her hats seconds after I put them on, she only wore the hat for about five seconds. Despite her loathing of headwear, I can’t let her outside in the New England winter without something. So, I found the softest and non-itchiest yarns in my stash and cobbled a little hat together. Voila! Pattern: Kim’s Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (after all these years, this book is still a staple for me) Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Rhodesian, Noro Silk Garden in ___ (leftover from my still unblogged Clapotis) Needles: Size 9 Addis Comments: This has become my go-to toddler hat pattern. It works up quickly on big needles and worsted weight yarn and the pattern offers a myriad of styles to make the hat your own. Amazingly, Alice seems to really love this hat. She'll wear it if it's cold enough and when she won't wear it, she still loves