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Showing posts from August, 2007

Playing Catch Up

I haven't posted in the, month, but I've been keeping true to my WIPs, and um, adding a few new ones. It's all good, though. Promise.

Flock of Triangles Quilt
I'm getting a little deeper into the quilt process. I've spent a few evenings (well, for what little time I can handle in my sweltering, AC-free, craft room) cutting out squares and triangles for my quilt. I keep reminding myself that the extra care I put into making the pieces perfect will pay off later.

After cutting, I started a little excel chart indicating placement of all the triangles.

Then, assigned each fabric a number.

FINALLY, I can start sewing!!

Hip, Bad Ass Dress
I also got some fabric for this dress, too. I've been following Vogue 8280 (thanks again for the tip, Veronique!) loosely and felt like the dress was gonna be my greatest sewing project to date until I reached the sleeves (okay, I won't lie. Those flanges were a real bitch, too). Anyway, I made some minor tweaks to the …