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Never say never

After I made 3 baby blankets over the course of one summer, I had my head examined and subsequently swore off knitting blankets forever. Sure enough, the next summer J talked me into making one more for his boss. Fine. One more, but never again. I kept this promise for awhile. I didn’t even make a blanket for my own kid! Luckily, I have good friends who didn’t let Alice go without wooly blanket goodness.

Zoe gives the blanket her seal of approval

Fast forward to late last summer when a friend announced her second pregnancy and asked that I make her new baby a blanket. During the Summer ‘o Baby Blankets, I knit her first child a baby blanket and it had become one of her beloved blankies. How could I refuse making baby #2 a blanket? I’d rather knit something huge and boring if it’s going to be loved than something quick and entertaining if it will collect dust somewhere. Repeating this to myself over and over helped me actually believe it.

Close up of the stitch pattern

So, I broke my prom…