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Spring Knitting

I have all sorts of spring projects swimming around my head. I'm a list maker and where better a place for a list than ze blog? CHERRY by Anna Bell . I've had the yarn for this cute little cardi since last summer (bought wicked cheap from Webs ), but let it lie in favor of some fall projects. This is a definitely, most likely (how's that for definitive?) the next on the needles after hourglass (probably, maybe. ha!). FITTED TANK by Blue Sky Alpacas . Something about htis pattern just calls to me. Maybe it's the simple lines appropriately paired with jeans or a printed skirt. It just rings with versatility and would work for both work and play, a requirement with my knits. Plus, I've never tried Blue Sky anything and the selection of cotton colors hits the spot. The question: Should I go with Pickle (a true green) or Pumpkin (a more mellow orange than the Poppy pictured)? And something about Tomato feels right, too. And Aloe's pretty, too....Thoughts? I'm t

An Update in Numbers

NUMBER OF... ... inches knit on Hourglass - 15 I'm up to the armpits. Ahh, what a lovely place to be. ... movies watched this weekend - 3 ( Blood Diamond, Stranger than Fiction, Casino Royal ) I recommend all, particularly the first two. And I don't always watch this many movies in a weekend. I usually watch really bad reality TV instead. ... Golden Retrievers Miles got to run around with on Saturday - 6 (!) And yes, two (males) are um, humping. I swear I didn't choose this picture to be creepy or "funny" - that dog was on top of the other dog in every single picture! (The other dog barely noticed - he just went about his business as usual...) Anyway, dominance issues abound when you put 7 dogs together! ... Treats baked by moi - 1. This is the main ingredient. Can you guess what I made? ... longtime FO's I'm finally coming clean about - 1 .... The Counterpane Pouch Oops. I casually mentioned this project awhile back, it was made for a good fr

Wicked Awesome

Thanks for all your comments on my last post! Miles is getting a big ego from all the compliments! He is pretty darn cute, though:) Anyway, I finally took some pics of Wicked... Pattern. Wicked by the Zephyr Girls Size. 32-34. I waffled on the size. The sizes are actually size ranges and my usual size was smack dab in the middle. I started with the bigger size, but then changed to the smaller size. I'm indecisive like that. Yarn. Artyarns Supermerino in 122, 6 hanks, *all* of it. Purchased from Sarah's Yarns (on sale!). Apparently, I have no imagination because I used the same color as the Zephyr Girls. Needles. Size 7 32" Addi Turbos, Size 7 Crystal Palace dpns Dates Knitted. Not 100% sure because I didn't keep good blog records, but I think February 20 to March 13? I knit this is spurts because I kept changing my mind about size or fearing I would run out of yarn. Modifications. I knit an extra 4" for the body. Yup, 4! I'm not exceptionally tall (I&

Coming Clean

That's for all the lovely comments about the monkey socks! It's especially nice to see some new commenters:) Hmmm, I think I forgot to mention something... I kind of started and finished a sweater project without one post to the blog. Rounds of stockinette just seem to fly by, I guess. Because the sky is gray today (we're getting a noreaster! wha??) and I'm without the energy to coax some decent shots from my camera, here's a sneak peak and a promise of more photos to come. Can you guess what it is? Let's just say it shares a name with one of the most used words in my lexicon and is New England's version of "hella" or just plain "really." If you still can't guess, stay tuned for some better pictures (or you could just look at my tags...). Also, notice the blue ? Evidentally this project only whet my appetite for the tactile sensation of luxurious yarn and stockinette in the round, because I already pulled some yarn out to restar

Monkeying Around

MONKEY SOCKS Finished these on Saturday and they haven't left my feet since (well, I did take them off in the shower). These are by far my best fitting, most comfy pair of handkit socks ever. For reals, y'all. Just a satisfying blend of stretchy and warm. In the words of Rach3l Ray , "Yum-O!" THE STATS Pattern. Monkey Socks by sock genius, Cookie A. Source. - New patterns just out! Yarn. Socks that Rock , Rare Gems Needles. Size 1 Addis, 40" Time Knitted. January 31 to March 3 Mods. Nada