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And I’m back!

I don’t know how you all feel, but I’m pretty sick of nursing pads monopolizing key space at the top of my blog. There’s really only one way to remedy that.

While the past couple months have produced little (okay, no) blogging around here, I have been crafty in bits and spurts. While I daydream about my sewing machine, it sits idle upstairs in the guest room because I have yet to find a suitable and usable home for it.

Instead, I’ve been knitting in spurts when I have time and the motivation. I hit a dead spot in my want to knit after I finished Clapotis (oops, I don't think the blog even knows about Clapotis!) and it seemed to last and last. For awhile, I didn’t even have a project on the needles. And sadly, I didn’t care. I was waiting for that must-knit project to reignite my knitting, but it never materialized. I started a project or two, but nothing grabbed me.
The beginnings of a Hemlock Ring Blanket aka the destroyer of my knitting. PS - If you think your circular knitting ne…