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Happy Halloween & some FOs

Thanks, everyone, for the Cherry / Unripe Banana love! I'm smiling, you just can't see.

Turns out I much needed all your happy, smiley comments because I've had a rough couple days. I was supposed to run the NYC Marathon on Sunday, but injured my foot a few weeks back. I thought I could push through, but finally resigned to the fact that I could permanently mess up my foot and might not even finish. And it only took two sports medicine doctors strongly advising me not to run to reach this conclusion. 5 months of training down the tubes:( There's always next year, though! And I know this is nothing in the whole scheme of things.

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Check out our pumpkins:

Mine's the scary one with fangs, J's has the buck teeth. I love mine. Tee hee.

This is our first year in cookie-cutter suburbia, so we've got high hopes of trick-or-treaters trailing in and out of house all night (as long as my pumpkin doesn't scare them away). Otherwise, we'll b…

Done: Unripe Banana aka Cherry

It's been so long since I've written an FO report, I forget how! Yikes. After months of toil on this project, it's finally complete.

UNRIPE BANANA AKA CHERRY Pattern. Cherry by Anna Bell. Yarn.Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton in Freesia. 7 and a smidge balls bought dirt cheap at Webs last spring. Size. 36 Needles. Size 3 and 6 Addis Time to Knit. July ?? to October 15. I knit the swatch last summer, though. Other materials. 5 dark red buttons, chocolate brown velvet ribbon.

Comments on Pattern. Well written and clear. You have to keep track of the stitch pattern as you decrease and increase, which might cause trouble for beginners. Overall, the stitch pattern keeps things interesting, but not overwhelming. It kept me engaged the duration of the project, which is quite a feat!
If you decide to make this definitely spring for an extra ball of yarn. For the size I made (and the size above, in fact), the pattern calls for 7 balls of yarn and I used a bit of an 1/8. Adn I didn't ev…

Unripe Banana Blocking

Wow, two posts in as many days?

This sweater resembles anything but a cherry, so I've re-named it unripe banana. That's the exact color of the yarn - unripe bananas. Gross to eat, but lovely to wear.

So, unripe banana is blocking as we speak. I'm looking forward to a seaming party tonight! Okay, no one's looking foward to seaming, but I am excited about a new, long-overdue sweater! Stay tuned!

Socktober, Baby!

I'll spare you the details of my month-long absence. They seem to be frequent in these parts. I just have to get back into the habit of blogging. And summer, too. I blame summer. Anyway, it's Socktober, baby!

I have two pairs of socks on the needles - well, one actually on the needles and half ball of yarn awaiting cast on to fulfill its destiny of second sock. You've already seen one (wow, did I really start these so long ago?). The other?

As soon as this beauty came in the mail, I knew it was meant to become some of Pam at Flint KnitsMarigold Socks.

I cast on for these socks on a big, smelly Greyhound bus headed for NYC, where I picked up a cruise ship and sailed around the Caribbean for 10 days. The sock was my constant poolside companion and hit the spot for some interesting, yet not exhausting knitting. But, since I've been home it's been abandonded for some sweater WIP's (namely, Cherry). Hey, they're bigger and more noticeable sitting there wanting to …