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Another Cast On

Thanks everyone for the comments on the baby blanket beginnings. I wish I could email everyone individually - I realize this has become a common complaint around here - but blogger doesn't make it too easy. I think I might need to download haloscan or a similar application. Anyone have any luck with this type of program? I cast on for another project, but it's socks so it doesn't count. And I actually cast on a while back, like in March. Oops, who knew I was such a secret keeper? They just haven't been on my mind too much because I've spent so little time on them - mostly during some t rides in Boston. Here's where I was at this weekend: I'm about halfway down the foot now, but this is my latest photo. The yarn is the important part now anyway, right? Ooh la la! I'm such a sucker for bright, bold colors. I was once referred to as "the girl who always wears bright colors." This is Sundara Yarn in Cirque purchased about a year

Knitting for Babies

I started a new project with a deadline. I'm not finished with any of my other WIPs, but I have a deadline - a pretty good excuse, I'd say. Here's the start... It's the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SNB Handbook. My friends are getting the baby bug (is it insensitive to call it a "bug?"), so I have to up my game on baby knits. My friend requested booties, but I wanted to supplement the booties with another gift. I chose Blue Sky Organic Cotton after scouring the internets for a baby blanket appropriate yarn and consulting moms from work (I know zero about babies- probably evident considering I likened having one with a bug). I was originally planning on some Cascade Superwash, but worried the baby might be allergic to wool. I did think what EZ would say about that, but I'm not sure all mothers would share her opinion about putting a baby in wool. And I didn't buy plastic yarn! I've never worked with BSOC, but chose it because it's all na

My Bookshelf, Project Spectrum Style

I know I promised knitting pics last time, but it's just way too ucky outside for photography. Luckily, I took some photos on Friday. I saw this on Megan's, The Knitting Philistine and Lolly's blogs and am ripping off their idea. I just love looking at someone's book choices - it's like digging through someone's trash, butless gross. Green Books. I put this picture first because it makes me look the smartest. Look at all those thick scholarly anthologies! English majors, I'm sure you recognize the Nortons. Those two skinny books are my green knitting books - Fitted Knits is the bookshelf's most recent addition. Yellow Books. Sorry, these titles are a bit harder to read. This is probably the most accurate blend of the genres found on our bookshelf - some classics, knitting, chic lit, comtemporary fiction, eastern thought, and non fiction. All that's really missing are the tons of J's computer manuals. Wait till the wh

I'm Gonna be So Clean

Look what arrived on my doorstep this week! check out that beautiful packaging! Some amazing soaps from Megan of Good SoapWorks of Athens aka The Knitting Philistine . We did a little swapping and I couldn't be happier. Even after just opening the envelope, I was enveloped in heavenly scents. This stuff truly is divine! I could be mistaken, but it looks like Megan used leftovers from the fantabulous Lucy loves Schroeder Chevron scarf for the yarn bows! I feel like I'm in possession of something famous! Thanks, Megan! Everyone else: go buy some soap ! Aside from me smelling really good, this week has brought lots of stockinette knitting and to do lists. I don't have pics of the st st because I'm a terrible (lazy) blogger, but will soon. Promise. And thanks for all the opinions and recommendations from my last post. I'm still not sure what I'm knitting next, I have way too many WIPs. After I finish up some stuff, I'll choose something! (If you d