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I'm Gonna be So Clean

Look what arrived on my doorstep this week!

check out that beautiful packaging!

Some amazing soaps from Megan of Good SoapWorks of Athens aka The Knitting Philistine. We did a little swapping and I couldn't be happier. Even after just opening the envelope, I was enveloped in heavenly scents. This stuff truly is divine!

I could be mistaken, but it looks like Megan used leftovers from the fantabulous Lucy loves Schroeder Chevron scarf for the yarn bows! I feel like I'm in possession of something famous!

Thanks, Megan! Everyone else: go buy some soap!

Aside from me smelling really good, this week has brought lots of stockinette knitting and to do lists. I don't have pics of the st st because I'm a terrible (lazy) blogger, but will soon. Promise. And thanks for all the opinions and recommendations from my last post. I'm still not sure what I'm knitting next, I have way too many WIPs. After I finish up some stuff, I'll choose something!

(If you don't care about non-knitting content, now would be a good place to stop reading)

The to do lists stem from me occupying my free time with reality tv and knitting and then on a whim deciding to accomplish a myriad of lofty goals, make all kinds of lists, buy planners, add more things to the list, etc. All within strict time constraints, of course. remember my holiday list? Ha! Who knows why I do this, but that's just how I roll. In any case, here's a high level view of what I want to accomplish by mid-may. Feel free to laugh in my face.

1. Take GMATs and do well. You should know I haven't taken a math class since HS.
2. Apply to B-School.
3. Pack.
Did I mention we bought a house and close May 18? Luckily we never finished unpacking when we moved to this place. Who ever thought that would work out to our advantage? So far, I packed one box of books. I'd say that's a good start.
4. Finish my sister's overdue Weekender Bag. How many months ago was Christmas?
5. Make baby blanket & booties for shower first week of May. How long could a baby blanket take? Babies are small, right?
6. Design invites for husband's stepfather's birthday roast. As in your-closest-friends-and-family-stand-up-and-mock-you kind of roast.
7. Take Insurance Exam. An obvious barrel of laughs. I don't have a choice for this one; I'm already signed up and my company is paying for it.
Even I realize I'm out of my mind...still more...
8. Train for half marathon (for June 3. a little bit out)
9. Make cute amy butler knock off bag before my Mother's Day Florida Trip.
10. Teach Miles how to read and play the saxophone. I just wanted to see if you were still reading:)

Phew. It felt good to get that off my chest. I usually stick to knitting content round here, except for the sporadic 100 Things I started a while back, but that seems too blatant to actually tap into my personality. Every writing class I ever took engrained "Show, Don't Tell," and I'm doing the exact opposite with the 100 Things. Anyway, I'm struggling for a balance with the blog between being too narcisistic and being cold. I don't want to be some faceless (although I'm often headless in my FO photos) knitter behind the sweaters and socks (with ridiculously good-looking pets), you know? Just thinking "out loud" I guess. Thanks for reading (if you made it this far).

Back soon with real knitting content! There's actually been knitting!


pamela wynne said…
love that soap! good luck with the saxophone lessons...
Anonymous said…
Wow, I think you'll be busy for awhile! Good luck with the moving.
Anonymous said…
Come to grad school in Canada - NO GMAT.

Hmm, soap.

By mid May!? Good luck :)
lobstah said…
Y'know, I can actually totally picture what you look like, despite your headlessness on this blog!

Good luck with your list. Somehow you'll get it done (and if you don't, that's OK too!)
Stacey said…
Her soap is amazing stuff - I recognized the sock yarn I got as a bow also (Lornas) but you got the really famous stuff!

Ick - GMAT....hopefully if the list is "out there" it will be more motivating to finish!
Anonymous said…
at least, as you pointed out, you will be clean as you tackle your to-do list. this is a good start.
Good luck with your list-from-hell... sniff some soap when you need some quick-like elation! And thank YOU for the awesome box bag! It is my new prize possession. *Heart* And great eye with the STR recognition... it makes such pretty little soap bows!! :)

PS: I tricked Stacey... she got STR on her soap package too.
Lolly said…
Oh, the soaps are great! Enjoy!

Good luck with that list - you have A LOT going on right now! I like getting a little glimpse into your life behind the blog :)
Navi said…
I loved the soap!

And looks that you've got a lot to do right now! good luck with all! specialy with the saxophone!

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