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February Baby Sweater: Done

Yes, another baby project, but this one is not for my baby. Usually my friends and family like the surprise of learning their baby's sex upon delivery, which requires me to knit only gender neutral clothing. This sweater was a gift for the baby naming party of the newest girl in our family, so I was particularly thrilled to make something girly for once!

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Cool Fire, 1 skein (every last inch)
Needles: Size 6 Addis.

This sweater is a knitters staple, first in its Baby form and more recently, its Lady variation, so I won't rehash what we already know about this pattern. I'll just leave it at this: EZ + Yarn = Satisfying and Successful Project. Easy enough, right?

After hearing the praises of Dream in Color, I was a little stunned to find it a little rough and scratchy during knitting. I worried it wouldn't be a good match for delicate baby skin, but decided to press on. Luckily, after a nice Kookaboora bath my fears were squashed. Literally the second I dunked this puppy. the yarn softened up into drapey wooly softness. I had to exercise all my self-restraint not to rub the sopping sweater against my cheeks.
I'm currently working on yet another baby sweater, this one for my nephew due in November. After that, I'm only knitting for my baby until she's here. How is it that she's due to arrive in three short months and she has not one piece of finished knitwear? That's a problem needing attention.
Have a good weekend, everyone!
PS - I just got a new lens for my camera, hence all the pictures.


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